People are overwhelmed

People are overwhelmed looking up at the Mount Everest of environmental challenges that we face. But you put one foot in front of the other and you recognize that not everyone is Sir Edmund Hillary. – Ed Begley Jr.

I like the quote above of Ed Begley Jr. which I think is funny. While reading it one expects that its underlying meaning is that any challenge can be met by small steps – as often heard before. But the end of the quote takes another direction. Small steps still don’t make an Edmund Hillary out of you.  Ha! What did you think?

With regard to the environmental challenges Ed Begley believes that small changes can add up to a big difference. In this quote Ed ironizes his own beliefs. Maybe what he really meant was that you should still carry on although the going gets tough.


“When the going gets tough, the tough get going!” This famous American phrase is encouraging;  Ed Begley Jr.’s phrase makes an unexpected twist to this meaning showing off some irony.

I took notice of Ed Begley Jr.’s phrase while browsing Nihao Julia’s Blog “Life as Julia”. Thank you for that! Originally I intended to add this text as a comment to her blog. But it became too much. So I made a blog entry out of it here.